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“This knowledge will be crucial to develop new storage strategies…”

Van Bruggen Robin van Bruggen started his career at Sanquin in 1998 as a PhD student. After his PhD and two post-doc projects, he is currently the group leader of the Red Blood Cell research group at the Laboratory of Blood Transfusion Technology.

“Maybe, future research will bring us tailor made treatment”

Paula Ypma is a hematologist in The HagaZiekenhuis in The Hague for over ten years now. Although, during her study Ypma was never much involved in research, the drive to be part of a scientific study was still there. So, since two years now, she spends one day a week on research; a clinical trial study performed by Sanquin.

‘We still do not know it and therefore we need to study it’

kerkhoffs Jean-Louis Kerkhoffs is a hematologist in The HagaZiekenhuis in The Hague and a senior researcher at the Department of Clinical Transfusion Research at Sanquin as from 2004. In May 2012 he finished his PhD ‘Efficacy of platelet transfusions’. He is a specialist in the areas of platelet research, sickle cell disease and therapeutic aphaeresis.